Gary Barbour is owner and manager of Showcase Rugs.

Here's a note from Gary:


Showcase Rugs has been in business since February of 2000. I have been in the textile and floor maintenance business since 1980. I started out with a small carpet and upholstery cleaning business in Malibu, CA. And was fortunate enough to have had Bernie Gurstein, the owner of U.S. Research & Chemical Company in Woodland Hills, CA, as a mentor and good friend.  He helped me establish a professional and ethical means to the carpet, upholstery, and floor maintenance business.

In addition to the carpet and upholstery cleaning business, I started doing more floor work, from refinishing wood floors to the basic strip and seal for resilient floors.

In 1984, I found my self moving back to Clearwater, Florida ( where I grew up and had lived since 1966) and started doing what I knew best, carpet and upholstery cleaning.

It was in the late part of 1999 when a friend and fellow carpet cleaner introduced me to the custom rug making business. I love creating, designing, and working with my hands. So, to me, it was a no-brainer. Being art and textile related, it was something that was meant to be.

In February of 2000, I enrolled in a class at National Carpet Equipment's Rug Making School. It's only a week long course, so needless to say, you cram in as much as you can.  After that, it's just like any art related work; practice and create your own style.

As of 2008, I'm doing work for Interior Decorators and many of the local carpet outlets. I've even made rugs for some clients as far away as England. I take my work seriously and give as much attention to detail as possible in creating the ultimate rug. Even the simplest carpet binding job is done with meticulous measurements. Creating and making custom rugs has not only become part of my life, but has introduced me to many good friends.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact me, I'll be happy to help you with any design or rug question you may have.


Gary Barbour